Apple iPhone 4

Enough has been posted out there that I don’t need to post all the facts and figures about the new iPhone 4. I did follow along courtesy of the Apple Blog, who did a terrific job of relaying the action compared to my experiences with other sites for past announcements.

Somewhat unfortunately, the media has decided to focus on a technical glitch Steve Jobs had towards the end of his demo, where he was unable to demonstrate some features because of too many wifi networks in the room. It’s an interesting technical challenge, though one without a great solution. You’d have to figure that if they had a pool camera and audio, however, they wouldn’t have 500 different people all trying to upload the same picture of Steve Jobs in front of a giant screen at the same time using limited spectrum.

Digression: I wonder if any of the people sitting in that room of 500+ wifi networks then go home and complain that so-and-so cell provider is trying to build a tower a mile from their house and “oh, NIMBY! The radiation! Think of the children!!1!!!”.

Anyway, despite everything, I put myself on the list to get one as soon as they come out. Call me names if you want — Apple fanboy, open source traitor, enemy of free (as in speech) software — but I just want something that works. And, for me, the iPhone fits the bill.